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Perhaps you require custom-made expansion elements, for example made of a specified alloy to suit your special needs. We can purchase your specified alloy and manufacture the expansion elements for you as required. Or do you need expansion elements cut to a specified length? We are always happy to help you solve your problems.

Your advantages:

  • exact cutting
  • finished product fits perfectly
  • delivery right on time
  • one-stop goods and service

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New product development
from Semmler

Expansion Band Type SD90 is a new product from Semmler Expansion Elements which originally has been developed for the Green Point Stadium (FIFA World Cup 2010) in Cape Town, South Africa.

Its highly convex and wider rubber centre-piece is unique. Due to its design expansion band type SD90 is able to compensate construction-conditioned, larger expansions (+/- 25 mm) than expansion bands used so far. Band type SD90 is a double-sided vulcanised expansion band. Its convex rubber centre-piece makes it versatile in application and it can therefore be used, for instance, in buildings with particularly high expansions or where various constructions are built next to one another but move in different ways. Expansion band type SD90 is available in all metals generally used in roofing e.g. titanium zinc, copper, stainless steel, aluminium, Uginox FTE, etc.

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